Raising Voices for Haiti Relief

ON THE 29th January 2010 Coventry singers, musicians, performers and artists gathered together for this fundraiser for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal at the SQ Club in Coventry.

The song is performed by Gospel Rhythms, the Coventry University Gospel Society. Special thanks also to Sally Obi, Mark Oliver, Voodoo Kings, Francesca, Verity Pabla, Paul Briskam, Emma McGann, Rob Hodkinson, Pru Poretta as Lady Godiva, Jake Roberts, the Coventry University Musical Theatre Society, Alan Taemur, Jose Balbuena, Hazel Swift, Agua Panela, Pete Wiseman, Stewart Duthie, Adam Rugg, Oyinlola Akinde and all of the marvellous Coventry University volunteers that made the event a success.

All proceeds went to the DEC Haiti Earthquake Appeal. Please show your support by visiting http://www.dec.org.uk/


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