How to Advise Sport Stars

THE COVENTRY Conversation held on the 12th of February saw John Mair interview one of the most influential black people in the UK. Chris Nathaniel advises some of the biggest names in sport including John Terry and Rio Ferdinand.

As well as commenting on commenting on Terry’s private life and Rio’s captaincy, Nathaniel told the audience how he’s not an agent and why he’s been successful. Writes Natasha De Silva

Chris is the CEO of NVA entertainment group, which is one the leading agencies involved in entertainment and sports industries.

He explained his role as an advisor: “We’re more of a bespoke agency… we’re not like your traditional football agencies. I chose not to register as an agent because I want to do lots of different things.”  Added to managing footballers he also gets involved in trying to buy football clubs, arranging football matches, and he is also involved in music and TV.

Chris went on to say that what makes NVA different from other big groups in that they give more personal service, they think more out of the box and are multi-functional.

What does an advisor do to mitigate the problems caused from a scandal? Chris said: The key thing is to address the problem that has caused the scandal in the first place and try and get the player to reveal that to you.”

He went on to say that the next thing is to address the media about it: “I would always believe that honesty is the best policy, in that way you could hold your head up high.”

Addressing the issue of having very few black football managers and no female managers at all Chris thinks that it’s all a matter of talent: “You want someone who is going to win things for you and make you a successful football club.”

His advice to youngsters who wants to enter his field: “You have got to be entrepreneurial by trying to create something yourself… It’s about having focus; knowing what you want and focusing on it. Never sit down and wait for an opportunity to come to you, go out there and get it!”

By Natasha De Silva


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