Chris Nathaniel: ‘Judge John Terry on the football pitch, thats what he’s paid for’

DIRECTOR OF NVA entertainment Chris Nathaniel, who represents Rio Ferdinand and John Terry spoke about the recent ups and downs of his clients at Coventry Conversations on Friday.

Nathaniel spoke about Ferdinand’s reaction to his newly appointed captaincy, saying: “He’s absolutely over the moon as anyone would be proud to represent your country and I think for any footballer thats the pinnacle of your career.”

Admitting that Ferdinand’s new role as England captain would change his market value: “One of the perks of being England captain means that your commercial value goes up and you’re much more sought after”.

Last year NVA signed a lucrative seven figure deal for John Terry’s autobiography. Nathaniel was reluctant to comment when asked about John Terry’s future following the recent affair allegations, however he did say:

“I feel sorry for him he’s in a difficult space, it’s his personal life and he should be able to deal with it but unfortunately in todays game of the football industry everything you do is scrutinized and it’s public knowledge regardless of what you do but I think he should be judged by what he does on the football field because thats what he gets paid for.”

When asked about the Terry brand Nathaniel said only time will tell how much damage the allegations about his private life will do to his sponsorship deals with organizations such as Umbro, Nationwide and Samsung.

Having lost their £300,000 legal case against former Newcastle striker Obafemi Martins on the 29th of January, Nathaniel said the group aren’t going to appeal as the original contract was deemed unenforceable.

Nathaniel said that Martins had a history of not paying advisers and that NVA were the only group willing to take legal action, arguing that Martins was in breach of contract owing over £160,000 in outstanding fees. He continued to explain the terms on which NVA and Martins agreed a deal that saw the group working for seven months no pay and went on to criticize the case proceedings:

“We’re in front of a judge who doesn’t understand anything about the football business and Martins sits in the dock and suddenly he doesn’t understand English anymore the player that has been playing football in England for three years and every interview and every correspondence with the club was done in English but on these particular days in court he didn’t understand English, he then proclaimed that he had seven different signatures wasn’t sure whether he signed it but didn’t say it was his signature but didn’t say it wasn’t his signature.”

NVA also represent Usain Bolt whose been dubbed the hottest sporting talent in the world at the moment, with Tiger Woods out of the public eye indefinitely. Nathaniel revealed that NVA will be announcing a new deal with Usain Bolt at the end of next week but refused to give any further details.


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