Building plans on hold as cuts threaten campus redevelopment

COVENTRY UNIVERSITY faces cuts of around 12% over the next two years and because of this building sites across the campus are quiet as the University’s redevelopment plans are put on hold.

Staff at Universities across the country are facing redundancy and applicants are being turned away by Universities with capped admissions but a spokesperson at Coventry University insists that Coventry won’t be struggling in the immediate future: “Coventry is well placed to manage whatever cuts we have to make.”

Adding: “We are confident that we will emerge from this period a stronger and successful University.”

Coventry University are set to launch their London campus in September this year and have said that the University’s financial woes won’t delay the opening, although construction work on three new buildings on the city centre campus have been put on hold.

The University has released further details this week, saying: “Home and European undergraduate student numbers have been capped, even though Coventry has a 34% increase in applications for 2010.  Significant funding cuts are expected (12%+ by 2012) although we will not know the impact on Coventry of the 2010-11 cuts until mid-March.”

The 34% rise at Coventry University and similar figures across the UK have attributed the surplus of students to the high numbers of students re-applying, having been denied a place due to capped admissions last year.

The statement particularly stressed Coventry University’s strong position: “Coventry has been very successful over the past five years achieving at least 10% growth pa while raising entry standards to recruit better students. We have seen substantial international growth (we are in the top 15 in UK for international student numbers) and our applied research income has trebled.”


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