Student placement is UN-believable!

Oludotun Adigun outside UN Headquarters in New York

OLOUDOTUN ADIGUN, post-graduate student at Coventry University has been awarded a three month placement at UN headquarters in New York as part of his MSc in Global Development and International Law.

Nigerian Oludotun took ‘the game’ to another level when he beat all other international applicants to win a prestigious Internship to the United Nation Headquarters in New York.

Oludotun had this to say about his achievement:

“The news of my selection as one of the UN Spring 2010 interns was an overwhelming experience, although my Programme Manager at Coventry Business School Terry Brathwaitesaid that he expected no less from me.

“I have always wanted to contribute my own little quota of experience and expertise to the upliftment of less developed countries and the world at large. The essential knowledge of my autocad skills and my recent postgraduate study however made me stand out from the 3000+ applications that were received. 219 of us were selected from 61 different countries.”

Programme Manager Terry Brathwaite confirms that this is a first for the University, commenting:

“During my Comparative Law classes, tutorials and one to one supervision sessions, Dotun’s thought-provoking contributions demonstrated an innate confidence and potential maturity of vision, to produce the kind of work that attempts to probe deep into and give meaning to life and living. He has already made his decisions and throughout his tenure with me, I have never known him to waver from wanting to achieve the goal of sustained and substantial out-pourings of intellectual creativity, in spite of cross-cultural barriers. I salute his achievement.”

Coventry University prides itself on ensuring its graduates are highly attractive to potential employers nationally and internationally by providing courses like the MSc in Global Development and International Law that Oludotun is currently enrolled on.

Since its launch in 2008, this course has provided true value in the form of  the successful launch of the GDIL Society Global Lecture Series featuring Professor James Hoyte, Associate Vice-President of Harvard University, the organisation by Zimbabwean Scholar Barbara Bhebhe of a major international conference of Diplomats, Academics and Church Leaders in London on the influence of the “Church in Africa”, which attracted funding of £100,000 from a global NGO; and the graduation of 98% of the  first cohort of candidates  in November 2009.

Terry Brathwaite, Programme Manager, is now working on further opening up a wealth of career opportunities for the other candidates on the programme by supporting them in their pursuit to gain internships at selected multi-lateral organisations, including the African Development Bank in Tunisia, the Asian Development Bank in the Phillipines, and the International Labour Organisation in Switzerland.

Based on the student accomplishments so far, Terry is convinced that the MSc Degree in GDIL is well on its way to providing a new generation of cosmopolitan business leaders.


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