‘Tiger Tiger Not Burning So Bright’

FRIDAY’S COVENTRY Conversation saw Simon Chadwick, Professor of Sport Business Strategy and Marketing at Coventry University, talking about the rise and fall of Tiger Woods.

Simon Chadwick began the session with the title ‘Tiger Tiger Not Burning So Bright. The Death of a Sporting Uber-brand.’ Tiger Woods is worth $ 1 Billion and is the first athlete to be worth so much. Writes Natasha De Silva

Woods is not only an endorser he is a brand, having endorsements with many popular brands ranging from Nike to Gatorade and some less internationally known names such as Net Jets.

Why was Woods so important to big brands such as Nike?  The Tiger Woods brand is about hope and aspiration. He was clearly multi-ethnic and as Prof. Chadwick put it: “When it comes to athlete brands that have global appeal multi-ethnicity is very very important.”

Simon Chadwick carried out a survey in 2007 which revealed that Tiger Woods was the number one endorser in America.  However after the scandal so many brands have cancelled their endorsements with him.

For top stars like Tiger Woods, as much as they’re watched on the field what happens off the field is important too. It matters who you’re married to, who your kids are and what you do in your spare time. Commenting on his alleged affairs Simon said: “What this did is, Woods went from being seen as this flawless, metronymic, incredibly successful, committed family man to somebody who is fundamentally flawed.”

What can Tiger Woods do to come out of this scandal? Simon Chadwick gave a completely different answer to what Jim White gave in the previous conversation.

Jim White’s opinion was that Woods should come out to the public, confess and sound truly sorry. However Simon said “The best way for a sports person to come out of this kind of scandal is to win.”

By Natasha De Silva


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