Vinyl Bank’s Record Fair Returns to Coventry

VINYL BANK’S CD & Record fair is set to return to Coventry on the 23rd of January, which is excellent news to all music loving students. Writes Robert Williams

The fair is notable for its diverse range of music genres available, ranging from 50s and 60s blues, soul, folk and jazz right up to modern rock, indie, dance and hip hop, as well as music currently in the charts.  Even records from unconventional genres such as world music and movie soundtracks can be found at the fair.

Karen Johnson, the record fair organiser, ensures that the event will appeal to any music fan in Coventry, she said: “The stock we have at the fair covers pretty much all types of music, there is definitely something for everybody here.”

She added: “The music we have are available across all sorts of different formats, like 7”, 12” and LP Vinyl Records, as well as more modern formats like CD and DVD.” saying that the record fair will not only cater to music fans, but also all types of different music collectors.

Music books and other memorabilia will also be available at the fair, adding to the staggering variety of stock.

The fair will take place at the Methodist Central hall from 10am – 4pm and admission will be free.

By Robert Williams


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