Nativity! Raises Gordon Browns Spirits & Stands Up To Hollywood Giants Over Christmas at the Box Office

CHRISTMAS MAY be over but Nativity is still riding high, battling off some of this years biggest Hollywood blockbusters to finish 4th in Christmas box office and now it’s setting it’s sights on US shores ready for release next Christmas and possibly an American remake.

The feel good Christmas movie has taken £5.1 million nationwide according to the most recent figures however it’s success chipping away at colossal Hollywood rivals is just part of the films appeal, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in a Radio 5 Live Interview on Sunday said: “I took my children actually to see this film Nativity! Which was Absolutely Amazing … it was really, really well done”

Christmas 2009 has been the age of huge Hollywood budgets, Director Debbie Isitt said: “The film reached number 4 for Christmas at the box office and has indeed stood up against some giant movies”.

James Cameron’s Avatar was officially budgeted at $237 million, Disney’s a Christmas Carol cost an estimated $175 million and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel cost around $70 million. Compare that to Nativity! Which was made on a shoestring budget of £2 million and you get an idea of its success against Hollywood’s bottomless money pot.

With the possibility of an American re-make on the horizon Cutoday asked Debbie about her initial plans and concerns: “Hard to say at this point how it would work. Casting great American comic talent would be the obvious starting point and using a similar casting process for example where regular kids could work but obviously there are no guarantees.”

She added: “I would rather our UK version get released in the US but it remains to be seen whether that will happen or not”


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