Cov Uni Graduates talk Animation, Ethics and life after University

THREE COV Uni graduates came back to give current students some hope that there are opportunities out there after graduation.

However a routine talk by Brad Powell director of Pr0-Mo Media, about his time on the Media Production Course at University and career so far turned into debate on morality, as Verity Pabla co-founder of I’m Not a Machine Productions (who have organised a film and discussion series of world-class social documentaries at the Herbert Art Gallery) questioned him upon mentioning a major military supplier as a client.

Brad replied to this by explaining the balance between corporate work and documentary work that’s required in the early stages of any media production company: “The documentary work we do is more around events that we do at the moment, my personal documentary work is far from that”.

Having created an animation about the hunt for Osama, Don defended Brad as he was questioned about how he could move into social documentary making, for example, having worked with some of the clients he’d mentioned: “I used to study electrical engineering with the idea to design laser guidance missiles for the military and you know people do change I’ve just finished an anti-war animation”.

Verity’s production company INAMP is focused on music and festival projects, which Verity admits is the reason she set up her own company, so that she could do what she is passionate about. She also spoke about how students should take advantage of all the opportunities and resources available whilst at University, because you’ll miss them when they’ve gone.

Don Burroni was a last minute addition to the schedule, but came prepared with a trailer of ‘The Don Burroni Puppet Show: Hunt for Osama’ an animated comedy sketch show, which he produced entirely by himself and he spoke about how he feels TV is on its knees: “The traditional broadcast is broken, shows have to be subsidised through merchandising through telephone calls through all sorts of things I think the future is viral marketing”.

Brad Powell repeated the need to be pro-active; Don Burroni said let the sceptics spur you on and Verity Pabla stressed that you should be true to yourself in the penultimate Coventry Conversation of the year.


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