Don Burroni: The One man revolution in TV Production

FORMER COVENTRY University student Don Burroni speaks to Cutoday about how he went from; studying product design engineering, to Architectural Visualisation and now to a one-man production team of the computer animated comedy satire “The Don Burroni Puppet Show”.

Don summed up the show in a single sentence as: “A celebrity clad Anti-war comedy adventure based around George Bush’s Hunt for Osama Bin Laden”. He worked round the clock, weekdays and weekends, for 18 months to complete 9 episodes. As the only name on the credits, Don was responsible for; sculpting, writing, rendering and editing all the material, voicing all the characters and even building most of the computer system used to produce it.

The series came about by accident when Don was teaching himself computer-generated animation but he admits it gradually became an obsession, to a point where he lost touch with normal daily life. The hard work however has payed off, the project has gathered momentum through Youtube and has started to gain its own cult following, I asked Don if he could ever see his show being carried by a major Television network:

“I could the trouble is they can’t, not for the foreseeable future. Broadcasters today want ‘emotional’ comedy: shows like Miranda. (Low cost and not too edgy). That said, YouTube is changing the broadcasting landscape.”

It’s a tough time to be hunting for a job, with graduate unemployment soaring to 44% in November. This is the time for entrepreneurs, I asked Don how important it is for students to make things happen for themselves: “Yes paramount, you make your own luck and life is hard, the more you try things the greater your chances of hitting a winner”.

He’s proven its possible for an individual to make their own TV show, but what’s he got planned next: “I want to conquer the industry, and sell IP’s abroad, generating wealth and employment for the country, as many CGI and motion graphics talent/artists are moving abroad

“I’d like to get back into product design, my new business model will revolve around merchandising as its my believe that the current broadcast model is dead”

Finally when asked about any fond memories of his time at Coventry University, he said: “The French girls!” C’est la vie.

Don will be speaking at Coventry Conversations tomorrow alongside fellow Cov Uni graduates, Brad Powell and Verity Pabla, about life after graduation.


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