Coventry Conversations into the New Year

IT’S BECOME the most recognisable brand in the University, now at the end of its autumn 2009 series, Inventor and producer of Coventry Conversations, John Mair, speaks about his highlights of the autumn series and what’s in store in 2010.

Speaking about the packed autumn series, John Mair said: “My favourites are all the Conversationalists. I am grateful to them all. Nobody gets a fee. Obviously the stars shine out -Snow, Paxman and Davis to Cov in one term is an achievement.”

He added: “They are not easy to interview. Davis was my favourite of those-relaxed and happy in his own skin. But it also the practitioners passing on tips like Paul Abbott to Eamonn Matthews and the career hints from media moguls like Phil Riley” 

The Conversations have been gaining audiences from 20 for some of the less high profile names to 300 plus for Jon Snow and Evan Davis. Attracting people from all areas within the University and the wider community. Also the Coventry Conversations podcasts have amassed a global audience, clocking up an impressive 200,000 people worldwide, in the last 6 months. This global success of online content has significantly raised Coventry Universities profile between the big hitting Oxbridge and Ivy League Institutions that currently dominate the Itunes U platform.

The latest series has featured over thirty speakers and Coventry Conversations returns in the New Year with a full twice-weekly programme, that are all free and open to the public. Giving students an even greater opportunity to come into contact with top media professionals:

“Coventry students are very lucky to have ‘the best speaker programme in any British University’ (Richard Keeble) on their doorstep week after week. Other universities look on with envy”


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