Nativity! takes on the might of Hollywood

LOCAL FILMMAKER Debbie Isitt has spent the weekend battling it out for audiences as her film Nativity! fought its way to number 6 at the UK box office since its release on Friday, despite steep competition from some of the years’ biggest Hollywood blockbusters.

It was possibly the worst week to release a low budget British film with the giant tween vampire flick The Twilight Saga New Moon and 2012 dominating the box office. However 140,000 people turned out nationwide to see the feel good Coventry Christmas movie putting it into Cineworlds UK film top 10 and making approximately £794k in its opening weekend. 

Debbie said: “Well Nativity! Is in the top 15 UK box office at number 6, which is pretty fantastic when considering the other huge grossing films in the top 5.  The figures suggest that we should still be in the cinemas at Christmas, which was always our goal.”

She added: “We have been approached by US studios for re-make rights. The Distribution Company are happy.  I am exhausted”

Nativity! has gleaned great reviews in the National and Local media but to Debbie’s surprise Coventry wasn’t within the top ten grossing cinema in the country, with Nativity proving more popular in at least 15 other cities. 

The films main competition comes in the form of “Disney’s a Christmas Carol” which features voices of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and is estimated at costing $175million to make, a stark contrast to Nativity’s £2million production but it’s successful opening weekend suggests it will be in cinemas nationwide throughout the Christmas period and maybe a little longer. 

Debbie gave Nativity! A its World Premiere at Coventry’s Odeon cinema last week and an exhibition documenting the making of Nativity, artifacts from the film and original costumes, is open to the public in the foyer of Ellen Terry on the Coventry University until the 10th of December. Go and see how Debbie has made Coventry the unlikely setting of a feel good Christmas movie.



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