East-Asian Film Premiere Hits Coventry University Silver Screen

WITH MORE than 120 people in the audience, both staff and students from all Coventry University Faculties, the screening of “Kakera” was a complete success for the newly found East-Asian Films society.

Mr Adam Torel, owner of Third Window Films, entered ETG34 yesterday to discuss briefly of his views as a film distributor and to show his latest film, the unseen and unreleased “Kakera: A Piece of Our Lives”. Writes Elena Rapondzhieva

“I started my company around four years ago with the goal to bring various types of East Asian cinema to the UK” says Torel, “but without exploiting the market as it has been done before by other companies, through films like long-hair-ghosts, action or other genre of films. I wanted to do the full spectrum, including dramas, comedies, musical comedies, even an action or two, if I thought they were good enough”

Regarding his company, Torel comments: “I would like to think of ‘Third Window’ as a window to films from the East that can change peoples’ perceptions of the East Asian cinema”

Answering a question from the public, he explains his leading motivation, saying how, when choosing what films to distribute, he looks at whether he himself enjoys the film and thinks if it is something the western audience should see: “I want to release the films I like. I really have no business in mind when I watch a film”

Taking about distributing Kakera: “This was a project directly about giving a first-time break [to the director Momoko Ando]. Her management agency and I really wanted to sculpt this young woman, with lots of talent into what can be the next big face of female cinema in Japan.”

By Elena Rapondzhieva


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