Concert Commemorating Iconic Event

AS BERLINERS celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall Coventry celebrates its own Peace Month and this evening Coventry University hosts a special experimental concert to mark the anniversary of the fall of communism in Berlin.

imageS5 – in the driver’s cab of history’ is a mix of music by The Impossible Trio and a film projection of a driver’s eye view which is shot from the cab of a suburban train that is traveling on a snowy trail from East to West Berlin shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The event has been organised by Coventry University Performing Arts and Coventry Peace Festival, the concert brings together the same ensemble that performed ‘Dislocation’ at Coventry Cathedral with special guest Rolf Gehlhaar.

The event is part of a huge line up of talks that make up Coventry’s Peace Festival. Coventry Peace House, Coventry Multi-faith Forum and Coventry University’s centre for peace and reconciliation have all contributed to the festivals events to try and illustrate the diverse social strata of the city.

The festival comes to a climax on the 20th of November with a talk discussing peace in Afghanistan.  

Monday 9 November/7.30pm/Ellen Terry Building rm 233

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