Bill Heine: The Headington Shark


POPULAR BBC Radio Oxford Drive time presenter Bill Heine will be speaking at Coventry Conversations, about his time working in the White House, his somewhat opinionated radio show and being that guy in Oxford that put a shark in his roof.

He was born in Argentina, raised Small Town America and now resides in Headington, Oxford where he hosts the drive time BBC Radio Oxford drive time show which is well known for its opinionated host and guests.

He’s best known to many Oxford residents for the Headington Shark, a 25ft fibreglass shark that seems to be crashing into the roof of his house. Heine commissioned the shark from local sculpture John Buckley and it was lowered into position on 9th of August 1986 on the anniversary of Nagasaki and was shortly after the US bombing of Tripoli, Heine said it was a statement about war: “Saying something about CND, nuclear power, Chernobyl and Nagasaki”


Thursday 1.00pm/ETG34Entry is FREE and open to all


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