Lecturers Honoured with Cecil Angel Cup

COVENTRY CONVERSATIONS inventor John Mair has been awarded the Cecil Angel Cup the most prestigious award given by Coventry University.

The Cup, which the citation says ‘shall be awarded to staff or students of the University, either individually or on a group basis, for significant contribution to the development and/or well being of the University and the wider community, and/or significant enhancement of the reputation on the Institution’, is awarded annually. It will be presented at the CSAD Graduation ceremony on November 23rd

Mair and his academic colleagues Professor Andree Woodcock and Dr Sean Mccartan and their students won the Cup for an exchange trip they undertook to ZUMC in Hangzhou China in April 2009.

Nineteen UK Boat design students went and with their Chinese opposite numbers spent two weeks in close co-operation designing a boat for the local lake and making a documentary (URL on Coventry Uni TV site) about the experience.

There are plans to repeat trip in April 2010 with journalism students.

Mair says: “I am chuffed. The whole experience was very enlightening. It showed me the importance of internationalisation in the modern university world. Well done to all”


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