A Student Toy Story


WITH ONLY a couple of months before Christmas, children all over the world will soon be sitting down to write that all important letter to Santa to ask him for the latest toy.

Today, the Toy Retailers Association have released the list of the top twelve toys that are expected to make that all important child wish list.

However, Product Design students at Coventry University, who are specialising in Toy Design, are working on far more practical toys at the moment rather than the furry or technical must haves that have made the annual list.

The course, which started in 2008, gives students the opportunity to learn more about the exciting and creative world of toy making.

However, unlike the mechanical hamsters or toy caravans that quickly go out of fashion, the designs that the students are working on are practical, long-stay options such as a fold away cycle or a therapeutic glove game for those with arthritis in their hands.

The therapeutic glove is particularly interesting as students believe it could be marketed at games such as the Nintendo Wii because the glove includes motion sensors as well as massage points to help alleviate the pain of arthritis.

The Toy Design course came about after tutors noticed that a number of their graduate designers went on to work for companies such as Lego, Tomy and MB Toys.

But it isn’t all fun and games for Toy Design students as they have been asked to research, design, buy phen375 and produce their toys, as well as creating an accompanying DVD presentation about their product, in just four weeks and this is on top of completing another project at the same time.

Course tutor, Alan Birch, said:

“I have really given them a tight deadline to work towards because this will get them to really think about what they are doing.”

The fast-paced nature of the course is certainly a good thing for the students as it will prepare them for the world of work after University and maybe one day, one of their designs could make the top twelve Christmas present wish list.

The students may not exactly be Santa’s little elves, but they are certainly working just as hard to make sure that their toys are ready on time!


For further information about the Product Design course which includes Toy Making, go to Coventry University’s website www.coventry.ac.uk and type in toy design in the search engine.



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