That Faraway Look on Display in Coventry

Faraway loo

ROBERT CASSELTON Clark’s latest work is going on display in the Lanchester Gallery at Coventry University at the end of this month.

Casselton Clark is an internationally exhibited artist based in the UK and his latest installation of over 100 photo-artworks is going on display for three weeks at the end of this month.

The sequencing of what the artist has called ‘photographs of almost darkness’, builds up a cryptic narrative of nocturnal glimpses. Like a series of fragmented film noir stills, the images evoke an atmosphere of uncertainty, dread and yearning.

Talking about his latest work, Casselton Clark commented:

“It is no way a race against time, nor an impossible dream of ever arresting it, so much as the very real possibility of – from time to time – transfixing the rhythm of its passing.”


That Faraway Look is on display from 30 October to 19 November between 10am and 5pm. There is also an open evening on 29 October 6-8.30pm.


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