The Buzz Goes Global!

Buzz letter head

The Buzz has been informing students on the latest Coventry conversations and CSAD events for years and now with its new editor it takes to the Internet taking the next step in student journalism.

As one of the Universities main media outlets for students the Buzz has been circulating the Universities Ellen Terry building since its conception and now hopes to reach a much wider audience through the Universities ‘Scribd’ site.

Teo Beleaga editor of the Buzz said: “I’ve been writing for the buzz for almost 10 months now. At first I was just reporting Cov Cons for students that couldn’t attend them since I took up the editing, I introduced a fresh approach, while keeping the layout.”

The Internet is now a Universities’ main vessel for distributing content and is the best format to allow student journalists the opportunity to put their new skills to the test.

Teo added: “Obviously I’m thrilled about it. What I try to do is inform people of future events and give them a different perspective of the events they’ve already attended. I strongly believe that is due to the Buzz and Cutoday that the numbers of people attending Coventry Conversations has doubled”

The online content not only benefits the students but it advertises the University and help to develop a reputation for the institution from the students who make it up.

“I Would argue Cov Uni is one of the best places to be if you want to be a journalist, because it gives the context and the support you need to shape and affirm yourself as a journalist. I got published on due to the support offered by the University and especially by its staff.”


Follow the Link on the Cutoday homepage to access the latest editions of the Buzz


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