CSAD Podcast’s Scaling Top of the Charts

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COVENTRY UNIVERSITY launched it’s ITunes U site in June and it already has two podcasts in the Top 30 worldwide download chart.

Sir Nick Scheele’s talk on automotive powertrains comes in at 26 whilst ‘photographic mediations’ symposium currently sits at 24 in the world along side content from prestigious Universities around the world such as MIT, Harvard and Yale.

Pete Woodbridge the University’s creative multimedia manager and CSAD lecturer expressed his surprise at it’s success but also the reasons behind it: “Coventry University has some very unique and specialised areas of research interest and many of these simply aren’t covered by other universities who use iTunes U as a platform”

He added: “we knew that the iTunes U had real potential for Coventry to help show the great work that is being done here. Its amazing to see that so many people are interested in our work, although I’m not completely surprised because there are many great lecturers, researchers and projects here that people around the globe are interested in hearing about”

ITunes U content is predominately from North American Universities and within the UK it’s currently only been adopted by more traditional universities like Cambridge and Oxford. As one of the pioneering British ITunes U Universities how is Coventry competing with such big hitters:

“It is always interesting to see how our content stacks up against other, more traditional, universities. I think that our podcasts content shows that we are well connected to industry and that we are out there solving problems that have an immediate impact on the world of business.

He added: The Coventry Conversations, for example, cover many of the ongoing issues within the Creative sector of our economy and its great that we can share this enthusiasm and passion with the world. Over the next year we will be developing a number of other areas of content to help share even more of what we do”

The site currently features over 250 videos and podcasts and includes highly scoring mathematics, fine art, communications and engineering areas.

The website is http://www.coventry.ac.uk/itunesu and if people (students/staff) want to submit content they should contact p.woodbridge@coventry.ac.uk


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