Just For Freshers!

FOR ANYONE starting Coventry University in September this space is for you. This page is for your stories, helpful hints and queries. Just send your comments to cutoday@live.com and get involved. Hopefully we can create a comprehensive student guide for all the new Coventry students in 2009. 

My first couple of weeks now the dust has settled

Now that you’ve had time to get used to your timetables, get to know your flatmates and explore the city its time to write about it! We want 300 – 400 words about your early experiences at Coventry University and Second years are still useful, write down your experiences for new students, it all helps!

Brand New Venue!

On Wedensday the 7th of October the Kasbah will host the first official student night of the year entitled “Circus Circus”. It promises to be the most extravagant night out of the week. Featuring: Jugglers, Face Painters, Fire Eaters, Acrobats, Clowns, Magicians, Illusionists, Midgets, Mr Strong Man, Bearded Ladies and freaks. It will also include all the regular student night trademarks, drinks offers, glowsticks and a variety of music for all tastes.

Doors open at 9.30pm, admission £3 before 11pm/ £4 after

Freshers Fayre Fact

At this years Freshers’ fayre new students will be urged to wear a pair of “beer goggles” to demonstrate a few of the symptons of a few too many buy one get one free drinks.

The glasses give the effect of being drunk to show just how hard the simplest of tasks can be under the influence, from writing your name to picking up small objects.

The stand is part of the city’s Community Safety Partnership in an attempt to raise awareness of excessive drinking habits among adults in Coventry. The focus of the initiative and the beer goggles isn’t to try and discourage students from drinking but to try and avoid the dangers of excess.    


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