Paxman to ‘Come’ to Coventry for Major Journalism Conference

THE BEST known British television journalist-Jeremy Paxman of ‘Newsnight’ has agreed to come to Coventry by video link from Television Centre in London to take part in a major conference on Wednesday October 28th on IS WORLD JOURNALISM IN CRISIS?’

Paxman joins an already stellar cast in the live video, real time and webcast conference in the Humber Theatre of Coventry University. That includes Nick Davies who wrote ‘Flat Earth News’ the best selling journalistic tome of recent years, Professor Richard Keeble the most widely published journalism academic in Britain and from Geneva Adrian Monck now of the World Economic Forum in Davos and late of City University London. There will be live links to the USA and Africa as well.

The conference will be chaired in Coventry by Kevin Marsh the Editor of the BBC College of Journalism and former editor of ‘Today’ on Radio Four.

John Mair the producer of the conference says: “This is now un-missable for all students of journalism and all those interested in the products of the journalistic trade as writers, readers, whatever. It starts at 2.00pm in the Humber lecture theatre in the centre of the campus. Entry is free and open to all.” 

He added: “I am very grateful to Vice Chancellor Madeleine Atkins and pro Vice Chancellor International David Pilsbury, and Camelot plc for their support. Coventry is now a truly global university at the heart of world discussion. Paxo is the icing on a very substantial cake”


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