Coventry University Makes the Move to a Global University

COVENTRY UNIVERSITY  has joined a new initiative to allow a number of its lectures to appear in a global classroom on YouTube.

YouTube EDU, YouTube’s Education site for Partner Universities and Colleges, allows users to access anything from lectures to documentaries from around the world. The platform initially launched in the United States in March this year and includes content from many prestigious Universities such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford. The project proved to be so popular that they brought it to Europe.

As a partner University, Coventry’s lectures, documentaries and student work will now feature in the global education hub. This means that anyone from students to researchers to informal learners can easily find and watch educational content from Coventry.

 Anna De Paula Hanika of YouTube EDU explains:

“YouTube EDU is a global classroom where everyone – from those who want to see what university courses are like, to intellectually curious graduates – can watch and engage with a range of academic videos that have been uploaded by some of the world’s most prestigious universities.”

Pete Woodbridge multimedia Manager at Coventry University commented:

“Being part of the EDU project will enable us to share video resources more efficiently with the public so this is a really exciting initiative to be involved in.

“Our YouTube branded channel has already helped us to communicate our work, bringing profile and debate to our public lectures at the same time as bringing attention to our research and this new site will only add to that.”


You can view the site content now at or visit CUTV, Coventry University’s YouTube Channel at


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