10 Things You Need to Know About Coventry


THE MYTHS and assumptions made about Coventry don’t do justice to what it is and where it’s going as a city. Here are the 10 things you need to know about Coventry in 2009.

1) It’s Central

Coventry is further inland from the coast than any other city in Britain. By train it’s only a 15-minute to Birmingham and a mere one-hour journey to London.

2) It’s Cheap

The average cost of a pint in a Coventry pub this year is £2.15. The average cost for accommodation is £50 a week making it the 3rd cheapest city in the UK for cost of living.

3) It’s Changing

The Cities currently going through the largest redevelopment project since it was completely destroyed by the Luftwaffe during World War II. An egg shaped public library; rooftop gardens and city centre music venues are just a few of the plans. The University is currently building an engineering block; student centre and multi-storey car park as part of its own 15-year plan to redesign the campus. That should explain the abundance of cranes and busy worksites across the city.

4) It Has Nightlife

It may not always be sophisticated drinking but Coventry has a variety of pubs, a selection of bars and a handful of clubs.

Wednesday night is the student night, Kasbah is the new host of the most extravagant club night of the week and is sure to be the one sure night out of most students. Two Universities means two SU’s so there are always theme nights and live entertainment available for students.

5) It Has Shopping

Coventry’s high street shops are all neatly gathered together within the Precinct and West Orchards Shopping centre. Although the city centre won’t win any awards for its pleasing architecture and innovative design it has everything you could need for everyday shopping and if you want to venture away alternatives can be found in Birmingham, Leamington Spa for no no hair removal and Warwick.

6) It’s Safe

Coventry is the 4th safest city in the UK based on urban crime rankings 2006 and has particularly low levels of violent crime so you can have confidence walking through the streets at night.

7) It Has Restaurants

For most students eating out is either a rare occurrence or a buy one get one free at Wetherspoons and for the latter Coventry has two. These turbulent economic times mean that the cities list of restaurants is regularly changing, there are a few safe bets with the various chains; Bella Italia, Pizza Express and Old Orleans. As for independent eateries there are a lot to seek out some good some not so good it’s a case of trial and error.

8 ) It Has Culture

The newly refurbished Herbert art gallery and museum explores the history of Coventry as well as displaying touring collections from around the country. The not quite so newly refurbished Belgrade theatre is now the centre of redevelopment trying to rejuvenate a forgotten part of the city centre and give Coventry a new image.

9) It’s Easy to Get Around

You could walk the length of the city centre in 20 minutes and the main shopping area; University and Cathedral quarter are all contained within the ring road. However if walking doesn’t appeal to you then Coventry has an elaborate bus service throughout the city with Pool Meadow station located in the city centre and you’ll never struggle to find a taxi in the city centre with cabs parked up on almost every side road.

10) It Has a lot of Students!

There are 35,000 students between Coventry’s two universities with the majority of these residing in the city centre giving it the feel of a quintessential University town.



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6 responses to “10 Things You Need to Know About Coventry

  1. I’m a little bit impressed by this blog… is it the work of students entirely?

    • marcjohnson123

      Yeh all the content with no specific author is written by the editor and other content is contributed by students from a variety of courses

  2. paolo

    Like most english towns and village has lots of italian resturants I noticed . I have a book of british villages
    but that seems not to be left

  3. lilly eastwood

    well Coventry has progressed quite alot, iv noticed new changes like the premier inn and the whittles arc, yes there are also new restaurants to go to like Bella italia and cosmos.

  4. Andrei

    Hm, this sounds interesting. I’m heading this year to study there, and this informations could come quite handy. do you know any other forums and sites I may look into, about this City? Although, what I’ve learned here was what I was looking for. Thanx for the info

  5. Jules Verne

    “The Cities currently going through the largest redevelopment project since it was completely destroyed by the Luftwaffe during World War II.”

    Hey University student – you really should know it’s “The City’s currently going through” etc 🙂

    As a proud resident of this fair City you might also mention that the Arts Centre, over at the University of Warwick – still in Coventry – is one of the biggest outside London. We do have a lot of culture vultures here you know 🙂

    Nice site. May I wish you all a very happy stay as you study in Coventry.

    I think it’s a great place to be. Very friendly. I came back from London to settle here.

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