Freshers’ Week 09 – Pub Crawls and Freshers’ Balls


EVERY STUDENTS Union in the country gets one week for a complete blow out in music, alcohol and budgets. As this week fast approaches what does Coventry University Students Union (CUSU) have to offer its newest inductees.

CUSU is now making the final preparations of the single most important week in the student entertainment calendar. Dez Cutchey, vice president of communications spoke on the quality of this years’ line up:

“I think the quality and range of events being held by the Students’ Union is the best they’ve ever been. There’s such a wide variety of things going on, from Detox, a non-alcoholic acoustic café themed event, to the Freshers’ Ball, which sees several big-named acts coming to perform.”

Dez added: “The range of events is more diverse and inclusive than ever before, there is something for everyone. In a time where money is tight, CUSU has made sure all entertainment is affordable for the student budget so money isn’t a barrier for people getting involved.” 

The week of excess begins on Saturday the 26th of September at 6pm with a bar crawl and from there they have a film night, Freshers’ Fair, comedy club and other activities.

On Tuesday the week’s main event takes place with DJ sets by Dave Pearce and Ian Van Dahl as well as other big names yet to be confirmed. It’s the competition between Universities to attract these big names that’s heightening the expectation from year to year for impressive line ups and expensive acts.

For those who have to organise the numerous parties and events the significance of the week goes beyond student booze up. Dez Cutchey spoke of why CUSU feels Freshers’ week events are a detrimental part of the University experience:

“Freshers’ Week is a really important time for new students as everyone arrives here knowing no-one and it can be quite a difficult period to face by yourself, so a huge amount of organised, social events is a way to ease you into student life and reminds students that everyone is in the same boat. Because of the value it adds to the student experience, Freshers’ Week is well worth the money and time spent organising it”


Tickets for individual events will be available from the Reception in the Students’ Union, Priory Street and FiftyFour from Saturday 26th September

 For the complete list of events:


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