Magic Moments From the Uni Archives

FINAL YEAR film projects from 1981 have been uncovered from a former students attic giving valuable archive footage from the Universities students during the Coventry two-tone era.

Greg Marshall a former student at Coventry University back when it was the Lanchester polytechnic has uploaded several films he produced during his time as a student onto Youtube as part of an attempt organize a 30th reunion of former students in 2011.

The Footage that hasn’t seen the light of day in more than 20 years demonstrates the work of students at the time and particularly how dramatically the process of filmmaking has changed for current students:

“The stuff that’s on there made the point that you can whack videos on there in five minutes that took months back then, one mistake in the developing process and you had to start again”

Marshall is now in talks to compile videos from his time at the University into an archive to illustrate the quality of work being produced at the time by him and his contemporaries:

“I realised they were actually pretty good… in retrospect that show-reel got me into some good interviews”

Greg Marshall’s son will be following in his father’s footsteps, in a way, as he begins a graphic design course at Coventry University in September. For Greg the films represent his student years but what was it like to be a student in Coventry in 1981:

“Fantastic, when we got there the specials were still known as the Coventry Automatic and we went to Uni things with them playing and they used to drink at the oak … pretty amazing”

Visit for all archive videos.


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