Simons – Ronaldo right to move on

CHRISTIANO RONALDO’S impending £80m world record breaking transfer to Spanish giants Real Madrid is a “natural” thing for the player to do according to author of Bamboo Goalposts, Rowan Simons writes Greg Keane.

“We’ve seen Kaka move to Real Madrid and his statement was, ‘I’ve won everything that I can win in Italy’ and I think Ronaldo would have a fair claim to say the same thing” said Simons.

He added: “If a player wants to develop and move on I think that’s quite natural.”

It has emerged today that the deal to take Ronaldo to Spain may have been put in place long before yesterday’s bid was accepted by United. Real’s long and public pursuit for the talented winger went on throughout last summer before the deal collapsed.

Simons, whose bestselling book is about the quest to teach the People’s Republic of China to love football, would not be surprised to see Ronaldo leave Old Trafford for the Bernabéu either.

Simons said: “It’s a commercial game so in the end money’s going to talk, although I’ve got no idea where that money came from.”

Ronaldo’s likely move is being described as the ‘signing of the century’ in the Spanish press and the Portuguese star is rumoured to be joined by Valencia striker David Villa as the latest member of Madrid’s President Florentino Perez’s second Galacticos era.

Madrid bought Brazilian playmaker Kaka, for a reported £56million from AC Milan earlier this week, surpassing the previous world record transfer fee in pound sterling. Spanish star Villa is soon expected to join Madrid for a reported £30million.

Matt Slater from BBC Sport said: “It’s a great story in terms of football – where these guys are going to play. I thought (Real Madrid) might have learnt their lesson about this.”

“Buying the three most exciting players in the world doesn’t make you a great team, so let’s just see how they get on.”

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