Play the Game gets celebrity status

Cycling Champion Lance Armstrong speaks out on Twitter

Cycling Champion Lance Armstrong speaks out on Twitter

PLAY THE GAME’S status is set to soar through the online promotion of the conference by celebrity figures on internet social networking site Twitter writes Adam Manning.

Play the Game Communications Officer Ida Relsted Kærup revealed that over the past two weeks, former actor and current California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed up to the Play the Game’s online “experiment”, along with the two head to head cycling icons Lance Armstrong and Greg Lemond.

Ida also claimed that the eight year dispute between Play the Game attendee LeMond and Armstrong will certainly raise awareness about the need to ask questions that are rarely asked in sport. Ida was baffled as to the reason why Schwarzenegger, best known for his leading role in Terminator films, signed up to the conference’s page. She suggested that he has a “vested interest in the anti doping industry” due to his history and interest in the body building industry.

The phenomenon of Twitter has helped deliver Play the Game to a global audience. The cycling association is particularly fixated on the Twitter page the LeMond – Armstrong saga.

Ida said: “When Greg LeMond spoke at Play the Game earlier this week, we of course published a story about his main points and accusations towards Lance Armstrong

“And it seems that Armstrong picked up on it and commented on Greg LeMond’s appearance at Play the Game” Ida told CU Today.

While links to such renowned world figures are expected to gain a lot of attention, the format of Twitter means that non members can view Twitter members’ pages. The figures are therefore expected to be a lot higher than the current 60 official members signing up to the Play the Game’s status.

That figure though is expected to rise considerably, as the page was only created two weeks ago, and after it’s attraction to big names already, Ida believes that the online presence of the conference needs to be looked into more thoroughly before anyone gets carried away.

“After this conference we need to go back and rethink out our strategy, because this twitter and face book  were attempts that were just meant to be experiments” she stressed, but freely admitted that the experiment “ seemed to prove themselves worthy of attention which seems to be working”.

You can listen to the talks from Play the Game in iTunes U, just visit the Coventry University on iTunes U site to find out how to access them.


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