Final whistle on Play the Game 2009

Final delegates leave Play the 2009

Final delegates leave Play The Game 2009

JENS ANDERSEN closed the conference earlier today with a short speech at the Cathedral. He challenged international sports federations, politicians and sports business people who are still reluctant to attend the event. “What are you afraid of? Do you only want to be in touch with people who always agree with you like friends and partners?” writes Colin Robertson

He added: “Democracy is about the right to contradiction,” explaining open dialogue between the whole sports community is a sustainable solution to crisis. He said that “open democratic conversation develops character” and “this free culture is the spirit of Play the Game.”

Andersen summarised the many issues that have been covered this week. Human rights issues, match fixing, and doping among many others were debated by experts in the field.

He explained that further empathy supporting the requirement for establishing an anti-corruption body had been expressed by many of those attending this week’s conference and he “hopes that some action will be taken before we meet again in 2011.”

He was again immensely grateful to all that have attended the conference: “Thank you all for throwing your coins in the wishing well that is just Play the Game.”

He concluded: “It is you who makes it live, and that is why I really hope you return again and bring some friends in 2011.”

Closing speeches and presentation by Andrew Jennings: 


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  1. Photo by me – Colin B Robertson!!! 😉

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