Corruption underestimated in Germany

Andreas Pohlman at Play the Game 2009 courtesy of Jens Astrup

Andreas Pohlman at Play the Game 2009 courtesy of Jens Astrup

THE HEAD of Department at the Federal Institute of Sport Science in Germany Andreas Pohlmann says he came to the Play the Game conference this week due to his frustration of a lack of attention to match fixing in Germany writes Adam Manning.

Pohlmann claims that match fixing is “an important problem in Germany” yet he claims that nobody speaks on the topic.  

He also related to his desperation to meet people in varying occupations who had different and varied opinions, and labelled scientists within Germany “narrow to political decisions” due to their specific objective to only evaluate.

Pohlmann added: “it was very important for me to meet other people. Not only scientists, but journalists and decision makers in very high positions, so for this intention, Play the Game was the right place”

The sport scientist said his highlight of the week had been meeting “uncomplicated people” as well as mixing with many Scandinavians.

There were reservations about the choice to hold conferences in the Cathedral however, with Pohlmann believing that the echoing noises weren’t convenient for debate.

Intentional or not, Pohlmann also speculated that Germany is competing with the English city of Manchester to hold the next Play the Game conference in 2011.


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