Bob Munro: I want my team to be the next Manchester United

THE CHAIRMAN of Kenya’s top football team Bob Munro exclusively revealed to CU Today that he plans to turn his Mathare United Football Club into the next Manchester United “within six to seven years” writes Adam Manning.

Munro stated that he wants “the Glazier family to realise that they bought the wrong MUFC.”

The highly ambitious Canadian chairman, who is also Director and Vice Chairman of the Kenyan Premier League, wants to take his 22 year football development right to the top. Mathare United are the current defending Premier League champions in Kenya which is run on a budget of no more than the English equivalent of £120,000.

Bob Munro courtesy of Jens Astrup

Bob Munro courtesy of Jens Astrup

It is unknown exactly how Munro will be able to persuade a wealthy businessman to purchase a football club in a developing country which is home one of the biggest slums. 

Munro has been the moral and social saviour to one of Kenya’s biggest slums, having founded the Mathare Youth Sports Association in 1987 which has now created 1,600 football teams that boast 20,000 Kenyan footballers, with 16,000 match fixtures a year.

“It’s a development project using football as the starting point

“They’re doing garbage clean up at the weekends because that’s what kills the kids in the slums” Monroe said

Munro pointed out that this job was vitally important because it can prevent the deadly illnesses of Diarrhoea and Cholera, as well as making the area a better place to live which enables Kenyans to have a stable and safe base to develop their futures.

“We’re making small libraries and slum studies, so they have better access to computers. They have better access to information in the rest of the world” added Munro.

The coaching of football isn’t taken lightly either, with the Kenyan instructors receiving training and advice from Dutch coaches.

These promisingly varied developments in Kenya are uplifted by the consideration dealt out by FIFA, with Munro praising Sepp Blatter’s willingness to help out poorer African countries.

“There have been significant improvements in FIFA”

Munro told CU Today: “Setting up the Ethics Committee and a code of ethics, developing ….programme, building structures and providing artificial pitches to many African countries, so you have to give credit to the President who is the one who’s putting those things into place”

The promising development of Mathare’s slum in terms of morale by frequently playing football, and the contribution of new public places and cleaner streets are the foundations of which Munro and Mathare have to build upon for their awaiting success story. Watch this space.


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