Danger London 2012 will leave white elephants

Beijing's 'Bird's Nest' stadium now left to house China's avian population

Beijing's 'Bird's Nest' stadium now left to house China's avian population

IT WAS the case in Sydney 2000 and certainly in Beijing last year that the Olympics left behind massively invested projects which had “absolutely no legacy value whatsoever”. This nightmare poses a very real danger according to Rowan Simons, English author and Beijing TV presenter in an exclusive interview with CU Today’s Greg Keane.Beijing’s 91,000-seater national stadium the ‘Bird’s Nest’ has become a tourist attraction with visitors paying around $7 for a basic tour of the arena. The Chinese Super League team, Guo’an, were set to move in, but could not afford the rent. writes Greg Keane

The stadium is set to decrease to 80,000-seats but there is still no long term tenant: “I hope London avoids that, as I saw in the bid and the build up they made quite a lot of efforts to show how the stadiums will be used after the Olympics” said Simons.

Simons added: “It’s always a danger because it’s such a huge event but I think at this stage we should be hoping that there will be a legacy left.”

Sydney’s Olympic 125,000-seater stadium was built against the advice of the IOC and is now struggling financially with problems filling it.

London’s Olympic organiser’s plans to knock down their 80,000 stadium down to 25,000 seats after the games finish, to house a lower league football or rugby club have been thrown into disarray with football and rugby clubs not wanting to play inside a track because of poor sightlines.

Lord Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London 2012 bid has insisted that athletics be the stadium’s primary legacy.

Simons, author of best seller Bamboo Goalposts, believes, that in some aspects the London 2012 will be better than last year’s games, but not in terms of organisation: “In terms of understanding what sport is really about and the true meaning of sport, there is no doubt that it’ll (London) be much better. In terms of the organisation, it’s very hard to beat Beijing which was a security Olympics”

He concluded: “I think it’ll be a much more friendly and passionate Olympics but in terms of spectacular, I don’t think you can compete with Beijing”



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2 responses to “Danger London 2012 will leave white elephants

  1. The new railway / train station is a great move which will help the area and surroundings very well for many years to come!

    Milly, Kent, UK

  2. well, there are so many tourist attractions that you find on asia and europe. i would really love to travel a lot :;;

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