Play The Game: Day 3 preview

Dr. John Beech

SUSTAINABLE SPORTS financing is on the menu for tomorrow afternoon in the Humber Theatre as part of the Play The Game world sport conference.  Particularly relevant in the current financial depression, the afternoon session will feature speakers such as Dr John Beech of the Centre for the International Business of Sport (CIBS) and Alejandro Wall of the Critica de la Argentina, writes Danni Cox  and Steven Carpenter.

Last year, Coventry University’s Centre for the International Business of Sport (CIBS) released a report which warned that many professional football league clubs were slipping into bankruptcy citing mismanagement, relegation and players wages as being the major causal factors.

Since 1986, 56 football clubs have gone into bankruptcy – several of them, including Middlesbrough, Wimbledon and Leeds United, declaring themselves insolvent shortly after being relegated – some clubs more than once.

In his online Football Management blog, Beech critically discusses the current (and, to a much lesser extent, historic) issues in the management of English clubs which gives its audience a realistic insight into the ways in which their clubs are being run.

Shirt sponsorship will also be discussed, with Coventry University lecturer, John Mair, looking at the responsibility of the media in football.  The talk will be hosted by Alejandro Wall and researcher, Nicholas Burton.

Lead author of the report, Dr John Beech, who will be speaking at tomorrow’s session, said; “Our research into insolvency in English football clubs is revealing not so much a “beautiful game” as an ‘ugly business’.”

His research has been reported in the Financial Times, the Times, the Independent and the Observer and he broadcasts regularly having appeared on the BBC’s World Service, Radio 5 Live and Radio 4 as well as British and Polish television.


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