Kayode Thomas’ libel defence success against Nigerian FIFA Chief

INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST, Kayode Thomas will speak at the Play The Game world sport conference this afternoon about his successful libel defence which was issued by Nigeria’s FIFA chief, Amos Adamu over allegations of destroying Nigerian football, writes Adam Manning.

Adamu was demanding a hefty £2.3 million compensation package from allegations of manipulating league sponsorship payments into a National Sport account, giving credence to the scenario of Adamu allegedly requesting $300 million of tax payers’ money to finance this year’s FIFA under 17 championships.

Thomas also revealed that the Nigerian FIFA executive attempted bullying techniques within the ranks of the Nigerian Football Association, by trying to turn members against the chairman, inevitably so he could take charge himself.

Thomas had official documented sources that supplied him with the necessary information to press ahead with his story.

Thomas claims that “the purported publication was sourced essentially from the letters, petitions and memoranda submitted to the senate committee on sports”.

In this instance, it has been shown that basing a libel defence solely on truthfulness won’t prove innocence of damaging somebody else’s reputation, and so more is needed to justify an attack on someone.

Luckily, despite serious allegations put against a top figure in Nigeria, Thomas had strong substance to fall back on as he claimed the National Sports Commission, which Adamu works for, was government funded and therefore in the public interest.

Kayode Thomas’ talk will take place later today between 2pm and 4pm at Coventry city’s Cathedral today.


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