Coventry Lord Mayor to Play The Game

THE LORD Major of Coventry has revealed that he will be attending the Play the Game world sport conference being held throughout the week at the city’s University and cathedral, writes Steven Carpenter.

Jack Harrison, who was elected Major only last month, revealed to CU Today that he was in full support of the sporting conference and will be making the most of the event by attending as many sessions during the week as possible.

“I think it’s a tremendous achievement for a City like Coventry to capture the week long Play The Game event. A lot of cities bid to host these games and I’m really pleased that it is being held here in Coventry,” he said.

“I have been given a copy of the programme and I will be dropping in on some of the seminars that take place, as long as I don’t have to run around a track! I’m definitely supporting, and I’ll be demonstrating that by popping into some of the events.”

The Coventry born major is delighted his home city will be hosting such a prestigious event and he feels the ‘Iconic’ cathedral and other facilities in the area are part of the reason why Coventry has become the first non Nordic country to host the conference.

He added: “I think it was chosen primarily because of the location in the centre of the UK and the facilities we have got including our great cathedral.”

“Many people will not only come for the conference, but they will also have an opportunity to see our city and its history and I’m sure that will be a good experience for them both from what they get out of the conference and their lasting impression of the city of Coventry.”


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