Olympics arrive early in Coventry

THE BRITISH public will get a taste of what to expect at the 2012 London Olympics tomorrow, when a talk entitled ‘Lessons from Beijing 2008’ is held from 4.30pm to 6.30pm, writes Adam Manning.

17,000 athletes are expected to descend upon the UK’s capital city in 2012, which is 6,000 more than the total that competed at Beijing, and adds more pressure on Britain to deliver a master piece with a budget of around £9 billion, £11 billion less than what Beijing had to toy with.

Discussions about the 2008 Olmypic effect on China’s political, culture and media will give British Olympic officials a better idea of what criteria they need to match based on the 2008 event, and how London can be diversely successful from China in a country that’s not so much reliant on impressing the world with mass audiences and visible appreciation, but one that’s based around bringing domestic and fragmented cultures together.

Director and editor, Fan Hong will talk about the changes in Chinese sport policy, Hai Ren of Beijing Sport University speaks about China’s national image after the Olympics, journalist Aidan White will concentrate on the increased liberalism of the media post Bejing, and manager of the Human Rights Project ,Brian Dooley will be casting an eye over the freedom of China’s citizens whilst the world was watching.


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