Fixing up the match fixers

RESPECTED CANADIAN investigative reporter, Declan Hill, spoke earlier today at the Play The Game world sport conference about match-fixing around the world, writes Gary Barnes.

With an eager audience listening at Coventry Cathedral, Declan revealed some of the most intense situations he has encountered while researching alleged match-fixers, which included being in the company of The Mafia, hitmen and undercover cops.

An expert in the field, Hill revealed how he spent four years investigating some of the most shocking cases of match fixing, with particular reference given to football.

He explained: “I was in Moscow and a Russian Mafia boss ran a gambling circle and introduced me to match-fixing. I was in his company with his armed bodyguards surrounding me. I didn’t know whether I would get out alive.”

While many European countries, more prominently Italy, have suffered from corruption with match fixing and betting scams, the Far East has had the full effect of what illegal betting can do to a sport.

Declan Hill went on to add: “Asian sport has been virtually wiped of all credibility due to the notorious Asian betting rings. Football over there has become a joke and I think in the Malaysian League, 80% of all football games are fixed”.

Declan Hill has a book out called ‘The Fix’. Also log on to his website.


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