Corruption starting to creep into Swimming says Olympic swimming star

Nikki Dryden: Corruption is becoming more problematic in swimming

THE SPORT of swimming is starting to get closer to bigger sports in respect of “becoming corrupted by money and power”, according to former Canadian two times Olympic swimmer, Nikki Dryden, who made the remarks at today’s Play The Game world sport conference, writes Greg Keane.

“I think it’s going to get worse (corruption in swimming), I can’t stand here and say I think it’s completely clean and there’s no doping going on. I mean we’re having a huge scandal with the new swimsuits right now, so there’s certainly problems in swimming right now.”

The swimsuit scandal at present refers to swimmers breaking world records in recent months wearing un-approved swimsuits. The suit Olympic champion Alain Bernard wore when breaking the 100 metres men’s freestyle world record last month was missing from an approved list published by the sport’s world governing body.

Dryden does not want the sport to become too big for its own good. “Even swimmers complain we only get the spotlight once every four years, but I like it that way,” she said.

“The closer a community we can keep it (professional swimming) and out of the spotlight, the better, because with the spotlight comes a lot of negatives. I kind of like that idea (keeping it out of the spotlight) and I hope we don’t become too professionalised like other sports.”


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