The 2012 Olympics: legacy or burden?

THE 2008 Beijing Olympics was a signal to the world that China had capabilities far beyond hosting the most extravagant Olympic games ever seen. It indicated a metaphorical passing of the torch to China seeing them sweep the medals table.

Play the Game in Coventry will be looking at what marks the games left on China’s society, in terms of its, political, environmental, economic and media development, IOJ general secretary Aidan White will be discussing “Media Freedom in China, How far does it reach?” The games may have provided lavish facilities and been perfectly organized but how did they affect the relationship with China and the rest of the world.

This years Play the Game conference will be asking the question; has the Olympics in Beijing already brought about a positive change for China, Chinese sport and human rights? Chinese professor Hai Ren will be one of the speakers hoping to, and listen to the evaluations by Amnesty International and the International Federation of Journalists.

London 2012 Logo

London 2012 Logo

Looking forward to 2012 Play the Game will be considering the legacy left by Beijing for London. Fluctuating budget proposals, a largely condemned official logo and a global financial crisis begs the question how worthwhile the huge investment will be. Play the Game will discuss the mega-developments of our time from visions to reality, who bids for them and convinces the taxpayer it’s worthwhile. Brigit Simmonds chair of the board for CCPR will be speaking on delivering the promises of the London Olympics swiftly followed by professor Simon Chadwick on what we should really expect in 2012.

Generally, concerns are growing about links between mega-events and increases in prostitution, trafficking and intensified surveillance of citizens in the name of security. Are mega-events just for political posturing among global power elites or is there a sporting meaning still? There will be various speakers throughout the five days discussing Human rights in Beijing and attempts to tack illegality and immorality in China’s system of sport governance.

  • The conference will take place in Coventry University and Coventry Cathedral from the 8th the 12th of June, registration is required.

Last minute registrations can be made by clicking here:

Information on Play the Game 2009 is available here:

The full programme is available here:


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