Can Anti-Doping Secure the Future of Sport?

HOW WILL Anti-Doping rules adapt to deal with the evolving world of drug use to improve sports performance? Will be one of the issues tackled by the Play the Game conference that is being held In Coventry from the 8th to the 12th of June.

Doping in sport sparks much debate and has constantly been a theme of Play the Game conferences over the last 12 years. This year Anti-Doping rules will be addressed by the session “Will the technological arms race come to an end”. It will consider the eternal race between those who develop doping methods for personal gain and those who are trying to detect them. Speakers will be considering the struggle of anti-doping and our vision of the human body with the expected rise in Gene doping.

British sprinter Dwain Chambers who received a lifetime Olympic ban in 2004 after testing positive for banned steroid THG

British sprinter Dwain Chambers who received a lifetime Olympic ban in 2004 after testing positive for banned steroid THG

The issue isn’t just about being able to detect doping in sport but considering what is the best way to tackle those are offering the shortcuts to desperate competitors.

In the quest for perfection athletes are creating a billion dollar market for organized crime. The complexity and far reaching nature of the problem means the issue is being inadequately addressed. Would the criminalization of all doping help or just boost profits and add risk to an attractive industry for crime syndicates.

The Director General of the World Anti-Doping Agency, David Howman, will be challenged by Yves Kummer, president of European Elite Athletes Association, and by Herman Ram, CEO of the Anti-Doping Authority of The Netherlands on whether anti-doping laws are in conflict with human rights and civil liberties.

There is a cocaine connection in sport and the famous Italian anti-doping researcher Alessandro Donati will unveil it as an extension of his groundbreaking research into the illegal sports drugs trade presented at Play the Game 2005.

strong>The Session will take place on the 11th June, 8.30am – 11.00am at Coventry Cathedral as part of the Play The Game conference

Last minute registrations can be made by clicking here:

The full programme is available here:

If you are unable to join the conference, you will still be able to follow some of the interesting debates through live streaming on our streaming page:

Alternatively, all streamed sessions can be watched on demand:


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