A Million Reasons why Coventry Uni TV is a Hit

ONE OF the most successful TV stations in the region is based at Coventry University.

Since going live on You Tube eighteen months ago, CUTV has featured everything from lectures, fashion shows, tutorials and student films and is averaging 50,000 hits a month. Add to it the number of hits that individual student films have been getting and it has taken the total viewing figures to over a million.

“It’s truly amazing”, said CUTV’s creator, Pete Woodbridge, who is the university’s creative multi-media manager:

“The success of CUTV has surpassed our expectations. When you launch something like this, it is not certain how it is going to be received but judging by the feedback we’ve had and the number of visits to the station, we are not only a local, but a global phenomenon.”

CUTV has lots of information about Coventry University including videos about news and events, student life, applied research activities and the variety of courses that the university offers.

The channel also has films about the city for students who are looking to come and study at Coventry University.

Pete added: “CUTV is so successful because it is produced with the help and support of our devoted students at Coventry University who go on to produce other pieces of work which create a following amongst the wider student population.”

Coventry University recently launched its ITunes U site becoming one of the few universities in Europe to share multimedia content through Apples ITunes U service. The site includes more than 150 podcasts and videos from the University. There are future plans to expand the content on both CUTV and the ITunes U site, which should see Coventry University’s online campus go from strength to strength.

To look at the content of CUTV: http://www.youtube.com/user/covstudent


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