Coventry University in a Global Market

ON THE 2nd of June Coventry University will launch its ITunes U site allowing anyone to subscribe to professional lectures, Coventry conversations and other academic multimedia.

Peter Woodbridge is the Creative Multimedia Manager at Coventry University he spoke about what ITunes you means for the University: “Its basically about giving people a taste into some of the courses at Coventry University and allowing others to benefit from them. It’s about helping to raise the profile of the work being done by academic staff and we also have plans to use it to show off some of our brilliant student work.”

Currently Coventry University has a digital campus, which consists of CUTV its Youtube channel, a Facebook page and the official page. Students can also use Twitter to stay up to date on current activities within the University.

The ITunes U site will mark another milestone for Coventry Universities online activity. Peter Woodbridge spoke about what the University are planning for the future: “We are always looking to for ways to expand our digital campus, and we already run a number of online delivered courses, so really iTunes U is just a part of that offering. We hope to expand it largely over the next year and have already had lots of interest from lecturers, researchers and students who want to get their work out there into the world and in ways that are accessible wherever people are.”


Coventry University is now on iTunes U. Visit to find over 150 podcasts, videos and more
Visit CUTV at


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