Coventry University Podcasts to go Global

ON THE 2nd of June Coventry University will launch their own ITunes U site, which will include more than 150 podcasts and videos.

Coventry will become one of the few universities in Europe to distribute multimedia content through Apples ITunes U service, which is currently primarily based in the USA.

Coventry University ITunes U site

Coventry University ITunes U site

The service will not only include the Coventry Conversations series but also, Research Bites, tutorials and other Professional Lectures. The podcasts will be free of charge and will allow academics at the University the opportunity to contribute content.

Currently the podcasts are only available via the official Coventry University website, distributing the content through ITunes they hope to reach a much larger audience and also offer fans of the various series better quality and easier access online.

ITunes U collects material from top universities and colleges, museums and other cultural institutions and there are currently over 75,000 files available for download.


For a preview of Coventry University of ITunes U


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