Gardening without the ‘green fingers’

The 'Green Growth Concept'

The 'Green Growth Concept'

KEEN GARDENERS  who do not have the luxury of a designated open space to work in might soon be able to grow their very own crop of fruit and vegetables in the comfort of their own homes.

Consumer and Product Design student, Annie Buckle, is hoping to encourage ‘green growth’ with her final year design.  The gardening system can be used by people who want to grow their own food without having to commit to making a substantial investment in time and/or money.

22-year-old Buckle’s idea maximises photosynthetic efficiency with a highly reflective and height adjustable lighting hood which stops plants stretching towards the light and becoming spindly.

The feature also has a waterfall which runs behind the plants and provides two functions, the most important of which is to atomize the water as it falls which provides plants with much desired humidity.  As most modern homes tend to have quite a dry atmosphere, the atomising feature secures the healthy development of the plants.

Buckle said: “This is a fully hydroponic system, which means no soil, and no mess that is specifically designed to not only optimise plant growth but also to create an aesthetic feature for the home, office or school. The owner of the system is able to design their own garden and learn how to plant correctly, so it would be an ideal product in a learning environment as well for young children.”


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