Exclusive screening of Mugabe and the White African at Cov Uni

NEXT WEEK, the Coventry Conversations audience will be able to snatch a sneak preview of Mugabe and the White African in the Ellen Terry Building on Thursday, 21st May at 1.00pm. The audience will also be treated to more detailed information about the film from director, Lucy Bailey.

Promising to be one of the feature documentaries of the year, this film has already been selected for Hot Docs in Toronto, is due for cinema release in the UK and is to be shown on More 4.

Mugabe and the White African tells the story of Michael Campbell, one of the few white farmers to survive in Robert Mugabe’s totalitarian and bankrupt Zimbabwe. This harrowing documentary follows the struggle of a White African to keep what he regards as his.

John Mair, the inventor of the Coventry Conversations media lecture series, said: “Once again, the Conversation’s is at the cutting edge and with a genuine coup. This film will cause a huge splash when it hits the screens in Britain and abroad. I am very grateful to my friend at Arturi films for allowing Coventry University the chance to see it before the rest of the world.”




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