The life of Ryley

HOW DO you acquire the new skills of journalism without losing the old?  According to the Executive editor of Sky News, John Ryley, those responsive to change will make the best journalists at a time when multimedia skills are ‘in demand’.  This is particularly evident in the current job market where potential employers expect applicants to possess proficiencies in print, broadcast, and online reporting.

Unsurprisingly, more students seek to combine the skills of print with those of new media as typified by second year Journalism and English student, Alice Pugh.  She has teamed up with Coventry University’s very own online TV Channel as part of a two week professional work placement, and will be creating various audio and video packages to “promote the city of Coventry in a positive light”.

Under the supervision of Marketing and Communication’s Creative Multimedia Manager, Peter Woodbridge, Pugh’s efforts will focus on “the legends of Coventry, which is quite topical and fashionable right now because of the Specials”.  The 1970s Coventry band will make their comeback in the coming weeks, with Pugh deciding to “look at music now and in the past, how it compares, and determine which is better”.

Pugh is hoping to create a feature legth interview on the Specials and local bands

20-year-old Pugh, who is from Reading, said: “Peter has been really open to my ideas, and has allowed me to do something that really interests me.  Although I am working within a brief, I will be able to contact the people I want, and interview them how I want.  I consider this to be very important.”

Pugh will initially record and edit a number of audio packages which will be made available on the Coventry University Podcast website, before helping to present and film feature length interviews with various Coventry bands.  She hopes the placement will enhance her research methods, and her ability to conduct interviews “in a more natural manner”.

Pugh revealed that her principle interest when conducting interviews in front of the camera will be “the social, rather than the technical aspect” of those bands which are set to perform at this year’s Godiva and Jazz Musical Festivals.

“This project will allow me to sit down with someone and define the most suitable way of obtaining this information.  The more I do it, the more confident I will become in talking to people, which is the number one reason as to why I am doing this.  I don’t have any experience of filming video, so working with Peter will hopefully readdress this,” Pugh said.


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