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Stephen Awaritefe (l) who plays Eurynome, and James Gregory (r) who plays Raguel

22-YEAR-OLD MEDIA Production student, Pavlos Piperides has been causing quite a stir with his final year project, which is set to premiere at this year’s Art and Design Degree Show.  ‘Hidden from sight’ is a short, ten minute fictional film depicting a character who brings death to people he perceives unworthy of life, before being confronted by someone who inadvertently reminds him of a past he had forgotten.

Piperides concedes that although similar themes have been touched upon over the years on TV and in the cinema, his adaptation is “unique because of the plot and narrative style incorporated to explain the character”.  Shrewd marketing of the film courtesy of his mandatory third year personal blog, and a ‘Pavlos Piperides Filmmaking’ group on Facebook has helped sustain high levels of interest in his idea.

Having incurred production costs of £500 to date, the venture hasn’t come cheap as some of the scenes have been shot in London and his home district of North Finchley, although most of the filming  has taken place in Coventry.  This aside, he remains optimistic that despite filming, directing and editing the project himself – a total of 50 hours works – it is “very doable” to produce his idea and “make it come to life”.

Having worked on my own initiative, the project is something that can give me the credit I deserve

He said: “This is the first time I have undertaken a project like this on an individual basis, so no doubt, it is a big ask of me.  The main thing is that the film makes sense.  It is a complicated story to tell in 10 minutes which is such a short time frame.  I just hope it comes across to the audience the same way that I see it.”

When the film is shown for the first time, not only will Piperides post it on a selection of free streaming websites, such as Youtube, he will also include an “inside, behind the scenes story” that will allow people to see how he made the film.

Piperides has taken the decision to include this in the belief that people might learn something from the processes he went through, the pitfalls that can ensue, and how to avoid these.  He suggested that “the challenge might even interest people”.

Upon completion of his third year studies, Piperides intends to recommence work on the short film, adding that it “can be further developed, possibly even into a much bigger story, such as a feature.  Having worked on my own initiative, the project is something that can give me the credit I deserve”.


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  1. maria pip

    Pavlo, very proud of you – and very much looking forward to seeing your work!
    keep grafting, aim for the sky.

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