ITV and broadcasting to come under scrutiny

IT IS the medium of the twentieth century and, so far, of the twenty first.  Television is a powerful force worldwide, in the UK and in our front room yet it is in crisis.  The state and reach of TV will come under examination in two of the highly successful Coventry Conversations series on Wednesday 6th May and Thursday 7th May.

Michael Grades search for answers as ITV's Chief Executive has ended

On 6th May, the respected TV writer, Raymond Snoddy, former Media Editor of the Times and the Financial Times, will be coming up to his third decade as a media pundit. His talk on The media is international will examine the rise of super formats like The X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. Ray currently presents Newswatch on the BBC News Channel.

On 7th May, the table turns to the other end of the scale to look at the recent record of ITV in local broadcasting.  Central TV has gone through a significant overhaul and has scaled down its operations locally.

Two distinguished practitioners – Wesley Smith, who presented Central News South for 20 years until earlier this year, and Dennis Coath, who was Central’s Sports Presenter and Editor for a quarter of a century – will ask whether ‘ITV has lost the local plot?

John Mair, the inventor and organiser of the media lecture series, said: “Three TV names and faces in one week is not bad going. The Conversations continue to attract the big hitters and debates the big and small media issues of our age. All are welcome.”

  • Both Conversations will be taking place at 1pm ETG34, the Ellen Terry Building.

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