2009 degree show gets underway

Robert Colletta conducting an interview with 'Chicken' as an aide

COVENTRY’S SCHOOL of Art and Design Degree Show for 2009 was officially launched last night in the Ellen Terry building by third year Performing Art students.  It commences what will be a six week celebration of undergraduate work from across the School, comprising of Media and Communication, and Art and Design.

Coventry University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Madeleine Atkins attended the launch, as did Dr. Mark Evans, Associate Dean of CSAD, Prof. Sarah Whatley, Director of Centre for Media Arts & Performance (CeMAP), and Dr. Geoff Willcocks and Natalie Garrett who are currently the joint acting heads for Performing Arts.

Innumerable companies set-up specifically for the final year degree show were in attendance, one of whom was MaxStarkiProductions.  ‘Eutopia’ will be performed by two 21-year-old Dance and Theatre students who have focussed on ‘enhancing newly discovered spaces, and transforming these into a place of diversity for the audience to experience’.

“We wanted to do some specific work, so we wanted to be outside and away from the conventional spaces of theatre and dance studios,” said Grace Brodie.  “My work has been influenced by a land artist called Andy Goldsworthy who looks at changing what is around him by using the space that is already there.”

Project partner, Chris Dickins, added: “My take on the music to accompany the performance has been influenced by electronic producers to more modern electronic music.  I’ve looked at space in depth, and have tried to get as much out of it, from which 4 musical compositions have been created.”

Another performance certainly eligible to be classified as ‘different’ is a theatre comedy performance scripted and performed by Craig Simpson-McKay and Robert Colletta.  Called ‘The Killer Show’, one of the characters is that of a chicken.   

Colletta said: “The theme for our performance has been inspired by the absurd works of Monty Python and aspects of the Far Show.  It is pretty much British comedy, but we are trying to develop and take it on into the future.”    

Guests assemble out ET223 to see exclusive preview of 'Buried' Child'

Guests assemble outside ET223 to see an exclusive preview of 'Buried Child' by the Home Grown Theatre Company

A number of performances took place throughout the evening’s proceedings, the first of which was by the Home Grown Theatre Company and entitled, ‘Buried Child’.  Stacey Elton, Michael Hunter and Matthew Johnson performed to a packed out ET223 theatre.

The Performing Arts degree show will commence on Friday, May 1st, with performances taking place in the Ellen Terry building and at locations in and around the city of Coventry until Thursday, May 21st.  For further information, please refer to CU Today’s list of degree show dates.

Images courtesy of Jason Craig


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