Media and Communication is “recruiting powerhouse”

A STEADY rise in the Media and Communication department’s reputation as one of the best in the UK means it is fast becoming the preferred destination for prospective undergraduate students according to one Coventry University recruitment co-ordinator.

The total number of ‘home’ and ‘overseas’ UCAS applications for Media and Communication courses at Coventry University has risen by 11% to 1,077 in comparison to last year’s figure of 966 CU Today can reveal.  The admissions office information for ‘Applications, offers made, and acceptances’ also shows that the total number of offers made for the 2009 academic year also rose by 27% to 556.

The two courses which generated the greatest level of interest are Advertising and Media, and Journalism and Media, with 109 and 98 offers being made respectively.  In its second year in Coventry University’s curriculum, Photography was popular, receiving 137 applications with   55 offers being made. 

M&C's course on photography is emerging as a popular choice with many prospective students

Applications rose by 45 to 109 for the Journalism and Media course, reflecting the recent figures released by UCAS – the organisation through which applications are processed for higher education.  By its 15th January deadline, UCAS had recorded 13,229 applications for journalism courses – an increase of 24% on application figures for 2008.

The Media Production course at Coventry University, however, fared less well than expected, as it was subject to a slight dip in the number of UCAS applications by prospective students wanting to study on the undergraduate course, and as a result, the department took the decision to offer ten fewer places on it. 

Coventry’s School of Art and Design (CSAD) Open Day and Recruitment Co-ordinator, John Mair, said that despite fewer applications being received and offers being made on some courses, the general feeling in the Media and Communication department was one of quiet satisfaction.

“This shows that our new admissions template is working, and working well.  Truly ‘Open’ and Buzzy Open Days, attractive courses, and a higher profile – both locally and nationally, which in part is thanks to the Coventry Conversations. 

“Coventry is now a truly desired destination for media students.  Media, Communication and Performing Arts are now the recruiting powerhouses of the School of Art and Design,” he added.


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